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The last month or two…

March 30, 2011

…since I’ve totally neglected this blog lately! Soooooo…. first off, I had my birthday last month! I can now officially rent a car without paying ridiculous fees! lol Hooray. I got an early present a few weeks before my birthday – an ice cream maker! It’s pretty fabulous and I love that when I make my own ice cream, I can add lots of mix-ins! I also got a waffle cone maker with a gift card my dad sent me… because homemade ice cream needs homemade cones! lol  Tyrel was quite excited about my birthday present this year (since he benefits too). ;) So far I’ve made Double Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. All of them were pretty darn fabulous! So much better than what you get at the grocery store! I’m making the Cookies & Cream again tomorrow. Yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy!!

I was sick for half of March. All three of us got the flu at the exact same time. It was miserable! I seriously felt like death. I don’t remember ever being that sick before. And of course, being pregnant made it worse since I’m already uncomfortable and I can’t really take any medicine to help. :/  I actually turned down the flu shot a couple months back and was totally regretting it when I got sick. lol  I went out to lunch with friends and was feeling totally fine and then just hours later I got slammed and felt terrible! That night I woke up just about every 20 minutes because my whole body was aching and I was feverish (on top of the sore throat, cough, and congestion) then I woke up around 5 am and tried to get out of bed to get some Tylenol and just started bawling because I was in so much pain. It was pretty pathetic. I felt horrible for the next 6 days. Thankfully, it didn’t hit Allie nearly as bad as it hit Tyrel and me. I was a pretty bad mom that week. Poor Allie had to watch A LOT of movies because I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t do dishes AT ALL that week (gross, I know). I also only ate popsicles and a little mashed potatoes. I know I lost a bit of weight that week. Yikes.

THEN the following week, I still had a nasty cough and lots of congestion and I was getting some killer sinus headaches. EVERY DAY for a whole week I would get these really intense headaches. I couldn’t even function once they hit and they lasted half the day! They were hardcore, man. No lie. Once again, poor Allie. She watched a lot of movies that week too.

I’ve officially been congestion free for a few days now and headache free for a week. YAY! I’m so glad to be over all that nastiness.

ANYWAYS, I’m now 31.5 weeks along and getting impatient!! I cannot wait to meet this little man… and to be done with all the discomforts of pregnancy! I’ve been blessed to receive lots of used boy clothes from friends and family and I just have a few things to buy before baby gets here!  ;) Here are some crappy pics of my bump at 23.5 weeks (February) and one from Monday at 31 weeks.

Last weekend we went into Tucson for a dental appointment (for Tyrel). I was able to satisfy my In-N-Out cravings and we took Allie to the zoo! It was her first time and she LOVED it! I really enjoyed watching her excitement. :) We didn’t know we were going to the zoo until we actually got to Tucson, so I didn’t bring my camera. Sadness. After the zoo trip, Tyrel helped me make a trip to Fry’s since they had some CRAZY coupon deals! We brought our ice chest just for the shopping trip! We did some serious shopping and loaded up on free stuff!! Tyrel actually got really excited about it (this was his first time going with me when shopping with coupons) and even said he had FUN. Imagine that. ;) Check out what we got for $8.40!!! We both officially decided that Fry’s needs to come to our area.

Free this week at Bashas’!

September 1, 2010

If you were signed up for our local coupon clipping group, you could get stuff like this delivered right to your inbox! ;) Go sign up!

This week you can get FREE toothpaste and FREE Arrowhead Sparkling Water at Bashas’! I LOOOOOVE sparkling water… so I’m gonna be stocking up! And if you don’t like bubbly water, I’d be happy to take your coupons off your hands. ;) hehe This week Bashas’ is multiplying coupons up to $1!

Arrowhead Sparkling Water 2/$1
Use $0.72/2 1 Liter bottles of Arrowhead Sparkling Water from Red Plum 7/25 (expires 9/4)
OR use $0.72/2 1 Liter bottles of Arrowhead Sparkling Water from Red Plum 8/29

Colgate Toothpaste, selected varieties (6.4 oz) $1
Use $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste, any (4.0 oz or larger) Smart Source 8/29

I’m tellin’ ya, you should never, EVER have to pay for toothpaste when you clip coupons! ;)
This week is really weak sauce at Safeway, so it looks like I’m hitting up Bashas’! For more Bashas’ matchups, click here!

More ways to save!

August 30, 2010

In addition to coupon clipping, I have found some other great ways to save money on fun stuff I want to buy. Two of my fave ways to save are Groupon and Swag Bucks! Groupon is SO FUN and a great place to get smokin’ deals. Many deals on Groupon are for local businesses looking to advertise to new customers but sometimes you can find internet based deals too. Every day (excluding weekends) they post a new deal at 50% off OR MORE! Most deals are only active for 24 hours… so you gotta act fast! ;) I bought 3 gorgeous, vintage inspired MODEST dresses from Shabby Apple at 60% off through Groupon (I get lots of compliments when I wear them to church). I also have seen spa treatments at 65% off, laser hair removal at 80% off, and even family zoo passes at a smokin’ price! Granted, there is no Groupon dedicated to OUR area here in the Gila Valley, but I like to take advantage of the online shop deals when I can. Also, we make it to Tucson and Phoenix every now and then, so I keep an eye on the deals for those two cities. And to make it even more awesomer (yes, awesomer is a word…hehe), Groupon has a great referral program where if you refer a friend and they purchase a Groupon within 72 hours, you’ll get $10 of credit to use on Groupon! I bought one of my Groupons to Shabby Apple with referral credits – so essentially I just paid for shipping for that one dress! ;) If you sign up and nothing looks good to you today, you can always subscribe to a city near you and you’ll receive the deals in your email inbox (the subscribe box is on the very top of the page).

Today there is a deal for Grand Rapids for hand stamped, customized jewelry from Love Stamped. You pay just $12 for a $25 gift certificate! I LOVE Etsy so I was really excited to see this deal today… seriously, almost all my play money gets spent on Etsy. This deal is for an online store so this is one of those kind of deals anyone can snag… even if you don’t live in Grand Rapids. ;) This jewelry would make an awesome present for a mom or grandma, don’t you think? :)

With Swag Bucks, you basically just change your search engine to theirs and you will randomly be awarded virtual money that you can redeem for REAL prizes in their Swag Store! I always redeem my Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards. You can stack these gift cards in your Amazon account and then buy whatever you like from Amazon with them! :) I started in March and so far I’ve redeemed $290 in Amazon gift cards – and they were completely FREE! I “bought” a Flip HD camcorder, tripod, and remote shutter release for my camera with my free gift cards and now I’m saving up for a new lens! :) It is completely legit and it works! They also have a referral program and when you refer someone, you will get matching SBs whenever a referral wins SBs through searching (up to 1,000 SBs per referral). Read up more on Swag Bucks here.

Any of you have any hidden secrets for saving money on FUN STUFF?

To learn about the basics of coupon clipping and how I save 60-90% on my groceries, click here!

I am currently a subscriber to Coupon$ense… but I hate the $14 subscription fee (it’s actually $15 after tax). Blah. I’m out to save all I can and that’s another cost I’d like to get rid of. Right now, I subscribe because they send me coupon inserts through the mail since I’m in a no delivery zone for every newspaper (boooo)… but if I move to a new place where I’m able to get the paper, I will likely drop Coupon$ense. It is a nice convenience, but not necessary, and I’ve found I can get all the information elsewhere for free! So why pay, right? ;) I just found a site with matchups for Bashas’, which I’d had a hard time finding someone who did more than just a few matchups when I looked a few months back. Grocerysmarts list all the deals here. Just wanted to share in case any other AZ peeps wanted the info. ;)

One of the other things I liked about C$ was their coupon database. They make it really easy to find a coupon if you’re like me and you don’t want to clip and organize all your coupons (I’m lazy). ;) I found that Hip2Save has a great coupon database that works a lot like the C$ database…. only downside is the C$ database is AZ specific and the coupons listed are the same as the ones I get in my paper but the Hip2Save database is not AZ specific and our coupons may vary from time to time (it may list a $0.40/1 coupon and we may have a $1/2 coupon instead, etc.).

And of course, I always use The Krazy Coupon Lady (mostly for Safeway matchups) and Wild for Wags (for Walgreens)! :)

Oh, and locals… I went to the Eastern Arizona Courier office to inquire about their papers and subscription. It’s only $35 for a year subscription BUT I was told that they do NOT allow you to get multiple copies of the Sunday paper (which is necessary if you want to coupon) delivered to your home. :/ I was rather taken aback by that… they don’t want to take my money for 6 subscriptions? Alrighty then. AND I found out this week from two people that the coupons aren’t as good in the EA Courier as they are in the AZ Republic (some pages of coupons the AZ Republic gets will be missing completely from the Courier). Bummer. I was looking forward to a cheaper subscription! If you have neighbors and lots of friends though, you may be able to just get their inserts and won’t even need to pay for the paper! Unfortunately, I have like hardly any friends and the friends I do have, they’re starting to clip coupons too so they can’t share their inserts with me…. hahaha!

This post is so random… but one more thing, any locals want to participate in an email list so we can share deals we find locally and so we can swap coupons?! I just created a Yahoo group for us: Safford AZ Coupon Clippers. You should be able to join the group and post to it… I think all members should be able to send an email out to all the other members. Please give it a try and let me know if it works… and tell others about it so they can join! It will be great if someone finds something on clearance at our Walmart or Safeway and can let the rest of us know… or if you NEED more Pampers coupons because you need diapers, you can send out a message asking others if they’re willing to swap! I don’t need any baby related coupons right now, so I know I’d be willing to trade any of those coupons for some of yours that I might be able to use! ;) I’m trying to embed the email signup for the group in this post… hope it works!

Subscribe to saffordazcouponers

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Just thought I’d pass this along to my coupon clipping buddies! Through tomorrow, the 4th, Walgreens is giving us their employee discount! You go here and print off the 15% off coupon and present it to the cashier BEFORE they start ringing your stuff up. The coupon says you must use it at the photo or cosmetics counter but I used it at the front register just fine. Here’s what I’m going to snag tonight:

Gilette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor $9.89
Buy 1 and receive $5 Register Reward to use on next purchase
-$1.48 (15% discount)
-$4/1 coupon for Gilette Fusion ProGlide from 8/1 P&G insert
=Pay $4.41 and receive a $5 Register Reward, $0.59 moneymaker after the RR! (get the manual razor because it comes with 2 cartridges)

Buy M&M’s (9.9-12.6 oz) and 3 pack Orville Redenbacher Popcorn 2/$5
Receive $1 Register Reward when you buy one of each
-$0.75 (15% discount)
-$1.25 coupon when you buy 1 bag M&M’s and 3 pk. of Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
=Pay $3 and receive $1 RR, $2 for both after RR

AND, thanks to Wild for Wags for this one:
Buy 2 Noxzema Razors 2/$5
-$0.75 (15% discount)
–(2) $2/1 Noxzema Spa Shave 4-Blade Shaver 4-pack, Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver 4-pack, Premium-Pivot Twin Blade 12-pack or Bikini Shaver 3-pack, Any – 05-23-10 Red Plum insert
= Pay $.25 ($.13 each!)

EDIT TO ADD: TOTAL for all items= $7.66, plus use $3 RR from Playtex deal I did earlier and only pay $4.66 for 1 Gillette Fusion razor, 2 packs of Noxzema razors, 1 bag of M&M’s, and 1 box of popcorn… and receive one $5 RR (Gillette) and one $1 RR (M&M’s deal)

And of course, I’ll pay for my stuff using Register Rewards I got last week from other deals. ;) I’ll throw in a few cheap “fillers” so I can use my RRs (because the number of manufacturer coupons and RRs cannot exceed the number of items you are getting).

If you haven’t shopped at Walgreens before using coupons and RRs, you may want to read this. You can’t get the same RR TWICE in one transaction.. like you can’t buy 2 Gillette Razors in 1 transaction and get two $5 RRs… only ONE will print. You have to get them in separate transactions.

I’ve had a few women from the ward saying they are interested in coupon clipping, but aren’t really sure how to start. My little 15 minute “class” at Enrichment was probably not long enough to answer all your questions. I know that when you get started, it’s confusing and there is a lot to learn. I’d love to help you out and help you realize that you CAN do it! I was thinking we could set up a girl’s night and we could do a potluck dinner or order pizza or something fun and then I would be available to you to answer all your questions and help get you started. Please comment here if you are interested in this. Also please let me know which nights are best for you (or if a Saturday afternoon works) AND if you’d be willing to maybe host the little par-tay at your house if we happen to get a good group together (I don’t have much seating at my house… lol). This is open to everyone (not just gals in my ward) in the Gila Valley area. :)

Really, I am. It makes me all sorts of happy.

A couple weeks ago I got myself a FREE tripod and a Flip UltraHD Camcorder. Crazy, right?! I kid you not. Totally free! I used up a bunch of Amazon gift cards that I earned FOR FREE from Swag Bucks. It’s legit. I’m not lying! I love it, because there’s no way I would’ve been able to just buy those things for myself right now! My Swag Bucks money is my play money. It rocks! I’m saving up my free gift cards now for a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens…. SO EXCITED! I should be able to get that lens for free by November! YAY!! I so desperately need a wider angle lens! If this free stuff intrigues you, you have to read about Swag Bucks here. Do it. CLICK THE LINK! *snort* I earn about $75 in free Amazon gift cards EVERY MONTH just for switching my search engine to Swag Bucks (which is powered by Google anyways – and and tellin’ my friends about it! (I don’t like their image search though, because it doesn’t have a safety filter on it. :( So I still go to Google for image searches.)

Today I had a super fun shopping trip at Safeway. $7.80… for all this! What’s crazy is that I really only had to pay for the chips, milk, bananas, and yogurt… everything else was FREE!!! Those chips weren’t a good deal ($2.50 each), but I figure when I save so much money on everything else, I can afford to splurge on Baked Ruffles (sooooo good with Ranch dip). How fun! Plus I earned a $1.50 catalina for buying the boxes of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I’ve got cereal up to my eyeballs now… I need a pantry for all this food! lol Have you tried those Betty Crocker Warm Delights? I was skeptical at first… cake from the microwave? They’re actually really tasty and perfect for a sudden craving for chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm.

Learn about coupon shopping here!

Last night I got to tell a bunch of ladies at our Relief Society Enrichment about coupon clipping. It was really fun! There was also a little class on how to make your own laundry soap for super cheap, which will only cost 3¢ per load! I’m excited to try it! The whole night was all about saving money and stretching your dollar. That’s my kinda Enrichment! ;)

I know I get crazy excited about this stuff. Is it obnoxious? lol I just LOVE saving money and I LOVE telling people about it so they can do it too. :) When I get excited about stuff, I like to blab about it to everyone. I guess that explains why I have multiple blogs. :p

I started clipping coupons at the very end of March. I’m back to report that clipping coupons has been VERY successful! :D I had posted about clipping coupons on my other blog about 3 weeks ago – and was reminded when a friend (thanks Eevi!) posted on her family blog about coupons that I meant to post about it here too since I’m sure most of you never visit my scrapping blog.

My goal was to reduce our grocery bill to $200 per month. But I also challenged myself to limit myself to $200/month for all food groceries AND toiletries, health and beauty items, and household items. I was a little scared I wouldn’t be able to do it… my food grocery bill alone was around $300/month before I started clipping… but I have managed to stay UNDER my budget! In fact, I’ve been averaging about $36 per week since April 1st (I didn’t include my first week of coupon clipping – it was kind of a disaster…lol)! Go me! ;) Add to that the fact that I get WAY more stuff now than I ever bought without coupons because part of clipping coupons is stocking up when stuff is cheap or free so you always have stuff on hand (no more running to the grocery store because you have to grab something… and it’s full price). My cupboards are overflowing. It’s crazy!

I’ve been entering all my receipts into a savings statement to keep track of how much I’m saving and spending… check it out!

Here are a few of my shopping trips:

Walgreens is my new best friend. I only picked it up last week (previously I was pretty much only shopping at Safeway) and I don’t know why I didn’t try shopping there sooner (I was lured in by the free tampons and pantyliners last week)! They have the best deals on toiletries and health and beauty items! I got John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for 33¢ each! Bic razors for 49¢ per pack! That fancy schmancy Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor was only 89¢! About a third of my total was all tax – because here we pay tax on the total before coupons (coupons are a form of payment – not a discount). Tax always sneaks up on me… I’m jealous if you don’t have sales tax in your state. ;)

That is a crazy amount of food for about $15! Yes, there’s some junk food in there – but at 49¢ per bag I grabbed the pretzels and Cheetos. Tyrel loves having some snack food around (and likes a little treat in his lunch bag) and Allie likes pretzels. And if you claim to never eat cookies EVER… well then either you’re weird or a liar… who doesn’t enjoy a treat now and then? P.S. Go-Gurt was a brilliant idea. Allie much prefers her yogurt this way and actually finishes it off.

A good chunk of my budget goes towards produce, meat, and dairy (it’s just not really represented in these pics…lol). There are rarely coupons for that kinda stuff but I plan our meals around what produce is marked down to a great price and I buy meat in larger quantities when the price is low (then I freeze in 1 lb. portions for future meals).

Below is all the info you need to get started (mostly copied and pasted from my other post on my scrap blog):

1. Myth – But all the coupons are for junk food: FALSE! One of the first things people say when they hear about couponing is, “But I don’t buy that stuff so it wouldn’t be worth it to me.” Yes, a lot of coupons are for junk food you might never buy, but I think a lot of us buy:

  • Shampoo, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, and other toiletries
  • Household cleaners, laundry detergent, dish detergents, etc.
  • Ziploc bags and other storage
  • Pasta and pasta sauce
  • Snacks and juice for our kiddos
  • Cereal
  • Canned goods (hello, YEAR SUPPLY!)

So, that excuse doesn’t really fly with me. You can still save a ton on things you DO buy. There aren’t coupons for stuff like produce and fresh meat – but if you start shopping like a couponer, you only pick those things up when they’re on a great sale. I buy lean ground beef at no more than $1.99/lb. and buy lots – then freeze in 1 lb. portions. I don’t just buy any produce I want anymore – I try to plan our meals around what’s on sale.

2. Myth – It’s cheaper to just buy generic and not use my coupons: FALSE! I used to shop generic too. Now I get the good stuff for SOOO cheap and even FREE! I even get to shop at Safeway now instead of Walmart… I LOVE Safeway. Plus my Safeway multiplies all coupons to $1 right now – so that means that even a 25¢ coupon is like a dollar in my pocket! PLUS, you don’t just go and buy stuff anytime with that coupon, you wait until it goes on a great sale (and stock up then). Imagine how fun it is when hand soap is on sale for a dollar and you have a coupon that will be worth a dollar off?!?! It’s FREE!! ;) You can even use a manufacturer coupon on top of a store coupon! For example – last week Ziploc brand freezer bags were $1.50 with a store coupon in the Safeway ad. I also had a manufacturer coupon for 40¢ off – which Safeway multiplied to $1 off. I got Ziploc freezer bags for 50¢!!

3. I don’t have time to clip coupons: I do not spend that much time prepping for a shopping trip… I was actually quite surprised when I started clipping coupons. I subscribe to blogs like The Krazy Coupon Lady, Wild for Wags (Walgreens deals), and I am part of Coupon$ense. I don’t have to track down the deals myself… they tell me when stuff is on sale and what coupons match up and where to find them. So I just decide what deals I like, go clip my coupons, print out my shopping list (Coupon$ense makes it really easy for me) then GO! I know exactly what I’m getting before I go into the store and this saves me time at the grocery store. No standing and debating which brand of food to buy because I already know what to get and how much it is going to cost me. Ask my husband – he doesn’t mind dropping by the store anymore because I’ll only be there for like 10 minutes tops (I used to take at least a half hour). Subscribing to Coupon$ense isn’t really a necessity for anyone, I just like that it saves me time, plus I’m in a non-delivery zone for the newspaper (ahhhhh the joys of living in the middle of nowhere) and they send me coupons by mail cheaper than I could buy them online each week.

Some couponers do spend a lot of time by going to multiple stores for different deals. I don’t do this. I only have a Safeway, Basha’s, Walmart, and Walgreens anyway (small town). If you hit up every store for every deal – yeah, you’ll spend a lot of time and energy on it. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO! I pretty much only shop at Safeway and Walgreens and score plenty of amazing deals!

4. Coupon sources:

  • The Sunday paper: You need the weekly coupons from the Sunday newspaper and you need to get multiple copies – at least 3 copies, but I like having 4 (debating going to 6). See if you can find a discounted rate for buying multiple copies. For Arizonans, if you subscribe to Coupon$ense, they can offer you a subscription to the Arizona Republic for a great rate – $2 for the first Sunday paper and $1 for each additional. If you have family, friends, or church buddies who get the Sunday paper – ask them if you can have their inserts. Tons of people just throw out their inserts or only use a few of the coupons (so sad…lol). Some dollar stores also sell the newspaper – but make sure you check that the inserts are inside before you buy them. NOTE on multiple coupons: some stores – including my Safeway – go by the “like 3″ rule. They will only accept 3 copies of the same coupon in a single transaction (or will only double/triple/quadruple the first 3 and take the others at face value). You can use your other copies in a different transaction or different shopping trip.
  • Load e-coupons to your store card: You can load coupons directly onto your Safeway/Fry’s card (or others) at Safeway, Cellfire, and Shortcuts. What’s really magical about these is that you can use them IN ADDITION to a manufacturer coupon. Yeah. Awesome. They will automatically come off your card when you swipe it at the register and if you had more than one “copy” of the same coupon loaded, they will both come off (sometimes the same coupon is listed on two of those sites and you can load both of them and they will BOTH come off even if you didn’t buy 2 items – at least at Safeway – heard it doesn’t happen at other stores). Oh, and a little tip – you must use your actual CARD and not just your telephone number that is linked to the card. I learned that the hard way. lol
  • Internet printables: There are tons of coupons to print online. KCL and C$ tell me where they are so I don’t even have to hunt them down! These are considered manufacturer coupons as well (can’t be stacked with a paper coupon). You can usually print each coupon 2x per computer (after the first prints, hit the back button on your browser and it will print again). I have 2 computers – so sometimes I’ll print 4 copies! You cannot scan/copy these coupons to get more – that is fraud! If you need more copies and you don’t have more than one computer, hop on over to a friend/family member’s house if they’ll let you!

5. Catalinas make shopping even sweeter: Catalinas (or “Register Rewards” at Walgreens) are coupons that print at the register when you buy participating products. These are like cash toward your next purchase. Most Catalinas are for $$ off your next shopping order and can usually be used to purchase ANYTHING. For example, today I bought 4 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal (which were on sale and I also had coupons for, of course) and earned a $3 Catalina at checkout. I can use that $3 on anything on my next shopping order and I can use it on top of using other coupons. At Safeway, you can “roll” those Catalinas (use the Catalina to purchase the same items a second time in a different transaction and then earn yet another Catalina). On KCL they always keep an updated list of the current Catalinas for specific stores. Click on the store you’re interested, then click on Catalinas and you’ll find them. But they usually make it easier on you and list the Catalinas corresponding to coupon matchups from the stores weekly ad. Easy peasy! Walgreens’ Register Rewards are a little trickier than Catalinas from Safeway. Read up on it here. You just need to learn how to work their system. ;)

Want more info for beginners?! I think that The Krazy Coupon Lady has it all broken down in an easy to understand format (with lots more info). So visit her 10 Days to Become a KCL posts to read up more!

Is it weird…

April 19, 2010

…that I actually ENJOY going grocery shopping now? The thought of some great deals makes me get all excited. Since I started coupon shopping, my whole outlook on groceries and prices has drastically changed. I actually get a little bummed when I walk out of Safeway and look at my receipt and see that I only saved 59%… hahah! Most people would say that is an awesome trip, but now I cringe at spending $1 on a box of cereal or even $2 for a box of cookies. It’s just too much now that I’ve learned how to get this stuff for soooo cheap (or FREE)!! Most of my shopping trips result in me saving at least 65% and I’m working on learning more about the ins and outs of couponing so I can get “better” at it.

Below is a recent shopping trip from Safeway. I did two transactions and spent $23.03 TOTAL and I got:
-1 bottle of Cascade dish detergent
-1 Tide High Efficiency laundry detergent (I could’ve saved even more if I didn’t need the HE stuff for my front loader)
-1 bottle Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap (I love this stuff…it’s my fave dish soap)
-1 large package of Always
-1 box of Bounce dryer sheets
-2 sticks of Secret Invisible Solid deodorant
-About 2.2 lbs. of sliced sirloin steak
-1 large bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce
-1 bunch green onions
-1 head of garlic

What’s funny is this isn’t even considered super impressive among die-hard coupon shoppers. I could have saved about $5 more if I’d done things a little differently, but I just so happened to need some of those household items right now… and I figured since the steak was so cheap that I’d treat Tyrel to his fave dinner – Mongolian Beef – and I ran out of soy sauce so I needed that too.

I never thought I’d actually enjoy coupon clipping. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. :) If anyone is interested in learning how to save tons of money on groceries, shoot me an email… I’d be happy to help! ;) mturnidge (at) hotmail (dot) com

…and oh man, was it exciting! I am officially hooked. :)

Wanna see what I got for only $15.75?! I saved nearly 75% and earned coupons to use on my next purchase!!

-3 Dial liquid hand soaps (these were FREE with my coupons)
-8 Suave body washes (4 adult, 4 kid)
-2 bottles of mustard
-2 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce
-2 packages of Toaster Strudels
-1 package of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches (gross, but Tyrel likes them for breakfast…lol)
-2 packages of Texas Toast Garlic Bread
-1 package of popcorn shrimp
-1 Freschetta pizza
AND I got back a $10 coupon to use on my next frozen food purchase and a $1.50 coupon (from the body wash) to use on anything on my next shopping trip (I was supposed to get 2 of those $1.50 coupons, but didn’t). How freakin’ cool is that?! The only things I didn’t have coupons for were the BBQ sauce and mustard… but they were on sale $0.75 each if you bought 4 and I actually needed both of them anyway (for Tyrel’s sandwiches and for pork ribs). Now I can go back and do this again with the $10 coupon I earned… :D

Normally we don’t buy a lot of frozen food… and we only eat frozen stuff (like pizzas) when we have a really crazy day. But Safeway is having a promo through the end of the month to buy $25 (before coupons) of participating frozen food, get $10 off your next order… so I’m stocking our deep freezer. :)